Dr. Jayshree A. Mutta

Specialist Opthalmology

Dr. Jayshree A.  Mutta
Dr. Jayshree A. Mutta

Dr. Jayashree Mutta holds a MBBS, DO, DNB and a Glaucoma Short-term Fellowship (Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai)

She has a vast experience in Ophthalmology including Phaco Emulsification, Glaucoma Surgeries (lasers & valve implant), Retinal Lasers & Surgeries (Vitrectomy & Intravitreal injections), Ocular Surface Disorders (Limbal Stem cell & Amniotic membrane transplant),Keratoplasties (DALK, DSEK), Keratoprosthetic Surgery (MOOKP) and Strabismus Surgery

Dr. Jayashree has presented at numerous key conferences and seminars around the world.

She also takes active interest in social service and takes part in free diagnostic eye camps at various locations

Dr. Jayashree can speak in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati

Language Known : English,Hindi,Gujarathi,Marathi,Arabic,