Dr. Mansour Moh'D Theeb Tarif

Consultant Of Ophthalmology, Orbit, Lacrimal And Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Mansour Moh'D Theeb Tarif
Dr. Mansour Moh'D Theeb Tarif

Dr. Mansour M. Tarif  has Jordanian Board of General Ophthalmology, German fellowship in Oculoplasty, Lacrimal and Orbital surgery, Ocular Oncology from University Erlangen-Nuermberg(Germany).

He is member of German Society of Ophthalmology, Jordanian Medical Association, Jordan Society of Ophthalmology and International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) UK. He was also a professor of Ophthalmology for the Medical Students at Mutah University -Royal Medical Services from 2004-2006.He has over 21 years of experience.

* Fellowship of Ophthalmic Pathology and Ophthalmic Oncology/Germany

* Fellowship of Oculoplasty and Lacrimal and Orbit surgery/Oncology/Germany

* International council of ophthalmology board, ICO 2001 /UK

* FRCS part 1& 2 Glasgow, Edinburgh

* M.D degree in medical and surgery form Vinnitsa medical institute (USSR).

* Phaco training course/India

* Course in Corneal Rings(Kera-Rings).

* Course in Lacrimal surgery using Diode Laser/Germany.

* Course in Mesotherapy and Botox/Germany/USA.

Dr. Mansour Tarif has performed a spectrum of Ocular surgeries like Probing & Syringing, Dacryocystorhinostomy(DCR) Endo-Nasal DCR, Lacrimal surgery using Diode Laser/Germany , Trans canalicular DCR using multi Diode Laser, Dacryocystectomy, Lacrimal trephination, lacrimal stent, implantation of Ritleng tube, Mini Monka tube and others. Punctoplasty, various Entropion and Ectropion procedures, Evisceration and Enucleation with ball implant, Exenteration, Secondary ball implant, Socket reconstructions, Dermis fat graft, Hydrogel implants, Ptosis surgeries, Frontalis Sling surgery, Different Eye lid Tumor’s surgeries, Lids incision, excision and map biopsies, Lid reconstructions, Split and Full thickness skin grafts, Cartilage grafts, Mucous Membrane grafts, Palatal grafts, Blepharoplasty and browplasty, Lipodermoid excision, Orbit biopsy, Orbitotomy and Orbital decompression, Lid, Conjunctival, Corneal and Scleral tear repairs, Canalicular tear repair with stents, Lacrimal trauma management, Intra-orbital Foreign body removal and Floor fracture repairs. Mesotherapy and Botox, skin PRP. Surgical management of Telecanthus. Ocular Oncology (intra ocular, intra orbital, conjnctival, lacrimal. Eye lid Tumors. Surgical management. Pterygium Surgery, Procedures with Amniotic  membranes, *Surgical management of  Facial palsy(Gold weight  tarsal implant, lateral tarsal sling).Also Dr. Mansour has Subspecialty  interests  include:

* Different Anterior segment diseases (corneal dystrophies, ulcers, keratoconus, dry eye, lid malposition’s, uveitis, lid lesions)

* Medical management of glaucoma cases.

* Surgical management of different types of Ocular trauma.

* Cataract cases of different types.

* Diabetic Retinopathy including Laser management and intraocular management.

* Management of pediatric and adult squint cases.

* Corneal Rings

Languages spoken: Fluently English, Arabic, Russian, German.

Language Known : Arabic, English