Epiphora/Watering Of Eyes

Epiphora is the problematic watering of eyes generally seen in young babies and older people. In epiphora, tears get accumulated in the eyes due to a blockage in one or both the tear ducts. As a result, excessive tears trickle down the face instead of draining from the tear ducts.

The delicate balance between tear production and loss is maintained by the lacrimal system present in the eye. However, sometimes this balance is disrupted and the eye becomes prone to irritants that include:

  • infections
  • injury
  • allergic inflammations
  • dirt or a piece of grit
  • inwardly growing eye lashes

The eyes secrete excess tears as a protective reflux to steer away these irritants.
A normal eye is kept moist by a definite amount of tears. Extra tears, if any pass on to the tear duct and nose. The tear duct may be blocked over due to narrowing of its upper part over time. In such cases, the excess tears trickle down the cheeks.

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