Multimedia Patient Education

  • Dr. Sandeep Mark Thirumalai
    (Children’s Vision)

    Dr. Sandeep Mark Thirumalai explaining vision defects in Children including Refractive errors, Cataract, Squint (Strabismus) and Lazy Eyes and their treatments

  • Dr. Sameena Anjum
    (Cataract and Lasik Surgery)

    Dr. Sameena Anjum throwing light on common refractive errors and their management, Cataract and related treatments as well as surgical options available for people who have a stable eye power

  • Dr. Vinathi Muthyal
    (Orbit and Oculoplasty)

    Dr. Vinathi Muthyal explaining Orbit & Oculoplasty and related disorders

  • Dr. Gaurav Prakash
    (Cornea Transplant)

    Dr. Gaurav Prakash talking about different types of Corneal transplant surgeries and advancements in Corneal transplants.

  • Dr. Gaurav Prakash

    Dr. Gaurav Prakash explaining Keratoconus, its symptoms and related problems and the significance of an early diagnosis

  • Dr. Gaurav Prakash
    (Corneal Disorders and iLasik)

    Dr. Gaurav Prakash explains cornea and related diseases and common types of surgeries performed on the cornea
    What is iLASIK and its advantage over other LASIK procedures?

  • Dr. Kavitha

    Dr. Kavitha Avadhani discussing the conditions related to Uveitis and how it can be treated based on the various symptoms

  • Dr. Anitha

    Dr. Anitha Shankunthala talking about Glaucoma and its causes, also who can be a potential Glaucoma patient and the treatments available to correct this condition

  • Dr. Jay
    (Diabetic Retinopathy)

    Dr. Jay Kalliath speaking about Diabetic Retinopathy, symptoms, precautions and available treatments

  • Dr. Gaurav

    Dr. Gaurav Prakash explaining LASIK, how it works, who is the right candidate for this procedure and common misconceptions about LASIK

  • Dr. Manish

    Dr. Manish Jain talks about a disease that is the second major cause of adult onset blindness in the western world.