Conjunctival Biopsy +AMG

Conjunctival biopsy + AMG: Conjunctival biopsy is a safe diagnostic procedure for well-circumscribed (with definite boundaries) anterior orbital tumours that include hemangioma, schwannoma, and soft tissue dermoid cysts. During this procedure, an incision is made in the fornix (space behind the eyelids) of the conjunctiva. Using scissors and cotton applicator sticks, blunt dissection is carried out until the tumour is exposed. The next attempt is directed to extract the tumour intact. The tumour sample is sent to a pathologist for microscopic examination. An AMG (innermost layer of placenta) is used to reconstruct the conjunctival defect following removal of the tumour. Conjunctival biopsy is simple, has low morbidity, is cost-effective and is a less time consuming procedure.