Steroids (Topical/ Periocular/Intraocular Injections/Oral/Intravenous)

The professionals at NMC Eye care believe in complete satisfaction of the service that we provide to our patients. The dedicated doctors and qualified team of experts provide you with best in class treatment for all your eye care needs. NMC Eye care offers the latest treatment options available for a condition called posterior uveitis.

Posterior uveitis causes inflammation in the back part of the uvea (middle layer of the eye which provides blood supply to the retina). Based on the cause and severity of the condition, our doctors will review the various options of treatment with you based on your particular situation.


Steroids are widely used for the treatment of posterior uveitis because they are rapidly effective and inexpensive. The steroids disrupt the normal functioning of the immune system so that there are no chemicals released into the blood vessels to cause inflammation. Steroids are available in various forms, and the type used will depend on the affected areas of the eye. Steroids can cause a variety of side effects which your doctor will discuss thoroughly with you at your appointment.

Antibiotics, Antivirals and Antifungal

If the underlying cause of posterior uveitis is an infection, it can be treated with antibiotics; viral infections can be treated with antiviral medication and fungal infections can be treated with antifungal drugs. These medications are generally in the form of eye drops but sometimes oral medications are used too.


If the underlying cause of posterior uveitis is said to be an autoimmune disease, then immunosuppressants will be the best treatment option. Immunosuppressants are a class of medication which inhibits the immune system and disrupts the inflammation. This can be used as an alternative to steroids if recommended by your doctor. An immunosuppressant makes you sensitive to infections. So, it is always better to avoid contact with people with infections when you are undergoing immunosuppressant treatment.


Biologics are relatively new agents in the market which have been found to be safe and effective. This is the best treatment option if standard immunosuppressants have failed to be effective. Biologics are therapeutic proteins that are designed to hinder the activity of bioactive mediators of the immune response. Biologics are being widely used for the treatment of ocular inflammation. The doctors might recommend the use of antibiotics or antivirals or antifungals in combination with biologics in some cases. This is because biologics tend to make you sensitive to infections.


Surgery for posterior uveitis is performed in rare cases. It might be recommended if you have repeated occurrences of uveitis or fungal uveitis. This involves replacement of the aqueous humor (fluid) inside the eye which improves the clarity of vision.